ooblee [ ubli ] is given a name after village “Ubli” – homeland of Prelević family where the ooblee Founder and CEO originates from. “Ubli” means “many wells with fresh water”.

ooblee [ ubli ] is given a name after village “Ubli” – homeland of Prelević family where the ooblee Founder and CEO originates from. “Ubli” means “many wells with fresh water”.

“My vision of the shopping future lies in a sustainable and local environment where consumers are able to enjoy local shopping online and the purchasing power stays within the boundaries of the local economy.

I appreciate the dedication of the local retailers towards their customers, and I believe in sustainable online shopping that includes a social aspect which ooblee promotes by supporting local shops.”


— Mirko Prelević, ooblee Founder

Mirko is a serial entrepreneur specialized in the field of media and advertising, who founded ooblee as social commerce platform with a focus on local community and sustainability. The ooblee platform now operates in Germany.

Meet the team

Fabian Mischler

• 13 years of experience in e-commerce, from fastest growing start-up ever (Groupon) to global Top 5 e-commerce Giant (Rakuten)

• Led teams with more than 400 employees and drove projects up to a total budget of 2 Billion Euro (VWAG)

• Experience as CEO (Carfellows), COO (Rakuten Investment) and MD/Head of Finance (WIND Group)

• Passionate about sustainable growth strategies and combining the power of online solutions with products that offer an additional value

Hande Aydoğan Gündüz

Country Manager
• 9 years experience of global sales in different sectors. With 3 years e-commerce and marketplace experience.

• 3 years leadership role.

• Global Account Management roles in IT companies.

• Managing growth of a marketplace startup. Responsible for its sales, operations, marketing, finance, supply chain, SEO, IT and CX. (Expand to Germany and Spain.)

Jelena Adzic

Marketing Manager
• Diverse background that includes PR management at the Montenegrin national airline company, creating integrated marketing campaigns for international clients, and leadership roles at NGOs with wealth of experience in dynamic roles.

• Crafting successful marketing strategies, driving innovative initiatives, and achieving sustainable growth through creative and data-driven approaches.

• Beyond professional pursuits, profound enthusiasm for ideas and projects that have positive impact, nature, and underwater adventures.

Sofia Giannini

HR Manager
• Passionate about the HR world and after my Master Double Degree in International Management I started my career path in the Human Resources.

• Gained experience as an HR Specialist, especially in Talent Acquisition, HR Administration and HR Learning & Development.

• Entrepreneurial, dynamic, curious and empathic.

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And last but not least... Meet our little furry helper!

Frida spends her days at ooblee lounging, keeping the couches warm, and providing the best mental health support she can.