6-month subscription terms and conditions for first-time subscribers

The 6-month subscription for first-time subscribers (“6-month subscription”) is valid from the moment the dealer agrees to these terms of use (“Effective Date”) between ooblee Alpine GmbH Taubstummengasse 17/4, 1040 Wien (“ooblee”) and the business owner (“Dealer”)

  1. Subject of the 6-month subscription
    1. ooblee operates an online marketplace (accessible via www.ooblee.com or via the ooblee app) on which merchants can market and sell their products to potential customers in the neighbourhood (“end users”) via an online shop. End users have the opportunity to purchase products from their local and ooblee-registered retailers via this ooblee marketplace from the comfort of their own home or on the go and then pick them up at the retailer’s store. Both retailers and the end user can thus benefit from the advantages of an online purchase without having to accept the risks of mail order.


  2. Signing up for the 6-month subscription
    1. (1) In order to participate in the 6-month subscription, he must apply via the www.ooblee.com website. By clicking on the “Apply” button listed on this website, the retailer can store the information required for an application (name, postal address, e-mail address of the shop as well as the name of the shop owner and the contact person) in an input mask. By clicking on the “Submit” button directly below the input mask, the retailer sends a legally binding offer to conclude a contract for participation in the ooblee 6-month subscription. (2) Before submitting the form, the user has the option at any time to cancel the application process by closing the browser window or the app or to correct his or her information. (3) Immediately after sending the application form, the dealer will receive a confirmation of receipt from ooblee, which, however, does not yet constitute acceptance of the contract offer. (4) A contract for participation in the 6-month subscription between ooblee and the retailer is only concluded after ooblee has reviewed the retailer’s application and sent the retailer another e-mail with the inclusion in the 6-month subscription. (5) The terms of use that apply to participation in the 6-month subscription will be sent to the dealer before the evenings of the application form as well as in the second e-mail with acceptance of the offer of participation. ooblee does not store the terms and conditions of the offer.


  3. Term and Termination of 6-Month Subscription for First-Time Subscribers
    1. The 6-month subscription starts on the cut-off date and ends after 6 months. The right of both parties to terminate without notice for good cause remains unaffected. In any case, the notice of termination must be in text form.
    2. Upon expiry of the “6-month subscription”, the Merchant’s subscription will be extended to the annual “ooblee Partners subscription” with a term of 12 months and a monthly fee of EUR 39.00. Further information on the affiliate program can be found in the terms of use of ooblee (https://ooblee.de/nutzungsbedingungen/). In this case, full access to the retailer’s online shop during the 6-month subscription remains in place.
    3. If the Merchant does not wish to continue operating its online shop as an online shop on ooblee in the form of an “ooblee partner subscription” before the expiry of the 6-month subscription, it has the option of terminating the 6-month subscription at the end of the term. In this case, his online shop will be permanently deleted from the ooblee marketplace.


  4. Special conditions of the 6-month subscription
    In deviation from ooblee’s terms of use, merchants receive the following special conditions and additional services as part of the 6-month subscription:

    1. €120 incentive budget in the first 6 months
      After completing the subscription, the amount will be paid to you during the subscription period. This intracentive budget is digitally recorded on the retailer’s ooblee panel as a “voucher balance”.
      The incentive budget allows ooblee to issue vouchers (coin vouchers, cashback vouchers) as sales promotion measures to incentivize end customers to purchase products and services via the app and to enable them to receive individual discounts. The use of vouchers to purchase products is recorded and reduces the available incentive budget.
      The voucher usage and the amount of the currently available incentive budget of customers can be viewed at any time via the retailer’s ooblee panel under Dashboard/My Plan/Wal let/Voucher Balance.
      In the event that the incentive budget is not used up at the end of the 6-month subscription and the voucher balance has a balance, the amount will be credited to the merchant as a cashback guarantee and will not be reclaimed by ooblee.
      5% commission will be charged for selling your products or services through the ooblee app.
    2. Additional Marketing Promotion
      The retailer has the opportunity to participate in online marketing campaigns, events or video recordings for social media and much more, depending on availability. Participate.
    3. Free onboarding to the ooblee app
      Ooblee’s onboarding team supports merchants at the beginning of the 6-month subscription in setting up their shop by creating product photos and descriptions and assisting merchants in familiarizing themselves with the shop panel.


  5. Reference to Terms of Use
    1. The terms and conditions of use of ooblee (https://ooblee.de/nutzungsbedingungen/) apply to participants of the 6-month subscription in all points in which no deviating regulation has been made within the framework of the 6-month subscription.