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240€ in Promotional Budget & Money Back Guarantee

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Sell to our community

We make shopping fun again by rewarding shoppers to shop locally. Through our rewards model shoppers can access personalized deals in their favourite local shops & service providers.

Bring new customers to your shop

We bring back the in-store shopping experience to online shopping. Showcase your products online to attract new customers and bring them to your shop.

Partner with us to reward your customers

We promote local stores & brands and reinvest most of our earnings directly into ooblee’s unique customer rewards program. Stores have full control their promotional budget and are incentivized to share their best deals with our community.

Sell the way you want to sell

With ooblee you can sell your products & services the way you want.

Sell through Click&Collect

Showcase your products online and give our community the option to buy through Click & Collect. Don’t worry about delivery and get more visitors to your store instead.

Sell through Book now

Present your services to the ooblee community & allow customers to purchase your services and book appointments through the ooblee app!

Sell through Local Delivery

Give customers the opportunity to shop locally while still allowing them the convenience of online shopping.

Market your brand through Social Selling

Social network

Social network

Vibrant local shopping community where customers get rewarded for shopping locally

Shopping with friends

Shopping with friends

It’s always fun when shopping together and getting additional rewards. ooblee turns the community into ooblee friends with benefits.

Ooblee coins – in-app currency

Ooblee coins – in-app currency

Collecting coins and redeeming them for vouchers is a fun and easy way to save big on quality products.

Live shopping events

Live shopping events

Get the best deals at your favorite local stores or service providers. Always at the same time & always irresistible offers.

ooblee shorts and streaming

ooblee shorts and streaming

Short promo videos. Tips, and tricks to save more, shopping experiences, reviews, and live streaming shared by ooblee creators.

Chat groups & messaging

Chat groups & messaging

With ooblee chat groups you get more rewards and options to save more. With direct messaging and chatting while sharing special offers, shopping is more fun.

First time 6 Month Subscription

39.00€ /month & sales comissions excl. VAT

All functions from Annual Partners Subscriptions plus:

  • 240€ in promotional budget over the first 6 month

    240€ in promotional budget over the first 6 month

  • 0% commission for the first 3 months

    0% commission for the first 3 months

  • Free onboarding to ooblee app

    Free onboarding to ooblee app

  • Additional Marketing Promotion

    Additional Marketing Promotion

  • Money Back Guarantee

    Money Back Guarantee

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What shop owners say


Local stores & service providers love to work with us, because we

   – guide customers from our community to your store
   – promote your store online, through events & influencers
   – create content & marketing materials (shops, videos, etc.) to attract customers
   – allow businesses to create their own promotions

By rewarding shoppers to shop locally and giving them access to the best local deals, we promote local stores & brands. Stores have control their own promotions and are incentivised to share their best products, services and promotions on the app.

ooblee reinvests your subscription into marketing and promotion efforts, while you have full control of your promotional spend on your shop panel.

ooblee charges a commission of 5% of all transaction via our platform depending on the products sold and the platform. This take rate
ensures the development and maintenance of our platform, our support and operations staff, ensuring a seamless customer experience for all ooblee users.

Our vision is to promote consumer awareness of small shops and service industries. We want consumers to recognize and appreciate the authenticity, quality, and uniqueness of local entrepreneurs

Customers can find your products and services online and

   – buy though click&collect to get more visitors to your store
   – book your services through the ooblee app
   – or receive your products through local delivery

You chose how you want to engage them!