ooblee 6 Month Subscription Special Offer


/month & sales commission excl. VAT

For a subscription fee of 39€ + VAT per month, you receive your own online storefront on the ooblee app as well as access to the ooblee community. Your subscription contributes to the overall incentive budget intended to reward YOUR shoppers.

  •  240€  in promotional budget over the first 6 months

    240€ in promotional budget over the first 6 months

    We will deposit a 240€ euro incentives budget to your account after subscribing, intended to reward & bring you customers during your first 6 months with ooblee. Whatever isn’t spent, you keep as a cashback guarantee.

  • Free onboarding to the ooblee App

    Free onboarding to the ooblee App

    The ooblee onboarding team will support you in setting up your shop by taking product photos, writing descriptions, and introducing you to the shop panel.

  •  Additional Marketing Promotion

    Additional Marketing Promotion

    You will have the chance to be a part of our marketing campaigns, events, or video shots for social media, and more.

  • You pay 0% commission for the first 3 months.

    You pay 0% commission for the first 3 months.

    For the first 3 months on ooblee, we do not charge any commissions for the sales of your products or services via the ooblee app. Afterwards a commission of 5% applies.

  • Money Back Guarantee

    Money Back Guarantee

    We ensure that your subscription payments fully go to bringing new customers to your shop through the 240€+VAT incentive budget deposited to your account. After the end of the 6-month-subscription, you get to keep any amount of the budget that is not spent as a cashback guarantee.

Subscription form - 6 months subscription - eng

Billing Address

Subtotal 39.00€

Tax Enter address to calculate

Total due 39.00€

Recurring amount 39.00€ every 1 month

All payments are processed and handled exclusively by stripe. ooblee doesn’t store or has access to your original credit, debit, or prepaid card numbers that you use for your subscription.

You will receive three payments of 80each. The first incentive budget of 80you will receive up to three days after subscribing to ooblee. After that, you will receive two more payments of 80each, at the beginning of the third and fifth month, for a total incentive budget of 240during your first 6 months of subscription on ooblee. 

Your subscription contributes to the overall incentive budget intended to reward YOUR customers. ooblee pays the amount of 240 to distribute shopping vouchers to customers, who can use them exclusively on the ooblee platform to purchase your products & services and gain promotional prices & special offers for a maximum of 240€ in total 

Our promotional activities and special offers are time limited. In the case customers have not taken advantage of you these to purchase products at your store until the end of the 6 month subscription offer, you can keep the rest as a cashback guarantee.  

On your dashboard within the shop panel, you will see the current incentive budget available and the amount spent, as well as the list of vouchers used by your customers for purchases so far. 

ooblee has developed many unique features for rewarding customers who support local shopping. Users can earn vouchers by collecting coins or receive cashback vouchers by participating in group shopping events like Shopping with friends. 


After you subscribe you can choose the date and time for a visit from the ooblee team or schedule an online meeting. During the visit, ooblee team will provide you with all the necessary information about the options you have on your shop admin panel. If required, the ooblee team will also take photos of the products and agree with you on the list of the products to be imported on your shop profile.  

ooblee team will prepare visuals with the offer and upload it on your profile after your approval. 

You can track orders both ways so you can choose a more suitable one for you. 

Marketing promotion

The ooblee marketing team will support you from the start by creating personalized posts and blog articles about your business. We will publish your inspiring story on our website and other social media such as Tit Tok or Instagram, based on your type of business and target group.   

You will have free promotional space on our website and on our profile on other social media profiles 

You just tell us more about you and your business and ooblee marketing team will do the rest.


We do not charge any commission for the sales of your products or services via the ooblee platform for the first 3 months. Afterwards a commission of 5% for your products and services applies. 

End of Special Offer

After the 6-month Subscription Special Offer, your contract will be extended to our Standard Annual subscription at 39€+ VAT with a commission of 5%. 

You can cancel your subscription before the end of the special offer.